Saturday 14 September 2013

Still Pluggin' Away

Holy crap, has it been an ENTIRE year since the last post? Well, I guess I better explain what's been going on over here!

As I'm sure many of you know, game development is difficult, and entails a multitude of problems and headache. This last year we have been refining and refactoring the engine that Odonata is running in, and we've also been falling into pitfalls and climbing back out. This is our full-time job and we've solely been contributing daily to Odonata as best as we can.

"Can you show us what you've been working on since?" Not really no. Well, not without boring you at least; we've been doing things like GUI, collision, pathfinding, re-factoring the code architecture, etc, mostly the game's framework. When working on elements in an engine the only way to show it off is by using it, so 'using it' in this context would just be the game content, which is where we are right now, and the reason why I'm posting!

With Odonata, our ultimate plan to tackle it was in this order: design, plan, engine, gameplay then art. The engine is finally complete, so much so, we wouldn't want to change anything about it. We're just clear of systems and pretty much past most of the technical challenge (programming). This is the point where we work on the gameplay content, making it fun, making it a playable game!

It won't be long before we're posting regular gameplay videos, showing you an insight into what Odonata is going to be. So I'm going to stick my neck out and promise we'll start posting gameplay videos within a month! So keep posted! If you don't follow the blog you can follow the Odonata Twitter to know when we post.


  1. i need this in my life. take your time though XD thanks for the update man

  2. AH! Oh man I cant beleive I checked and there was an update! You know I'm going to get this the day it comes out. Can't wait for updates!

  3. Good to know what's been going on. I'm really curious about how this will turn out to be visually.

  4. Great to see an update! Inspiring blog and work, looking forward to seeing more info about it :)

  5. Been waiting for an update hehe, glad to see its still going, can't wait to see it come to life!