Tuesday 15 October 2013

Bug Troubles!

Some updates! This past couple of weeks we have been working on our primary building system for Odonata. Building is going to be a significant part of the game and we have to take our time so that we get it feeling solid and, more importantly, comfortable.

However the plan to get this up and running for a development video today has been a bit of a mess quite frankly. Just as soon as we're getting ready to post some new stuff, all the most annoying bugs and problems come crawling out of the woodwork. We've had to cut off some of our systems like a diseased arm and take a step back to figure out what is going on and what we need to do.

So for now we'll have to make do and show what we have that isn't broken I suppose, screenshots anyone?

Our plan from now is to get the building working then push on the AI so that it can give purpose to the building and the traps we have planned.